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The seeds we water are the seeds that grow.

Changing Seasons.


ross and t seasons 2

As we head into this beautiful day in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico it is so clear that a new season of life is approaching. My tasks for the day include: to work on an application for a real job, look for wedding venues, search for flights to the United Kingdom and Uganda, plan a yoga class, sit on the beach and have a nice dinner with lovely friends who will soon depart. It is simply one of those times in life when everything is up in the air. Why is it that for the last year as we have been bouncing around from country to country nothing has really been going on… and now all at once it hits in one giant wave? This isn’t the first time this has happened. In the Fall of 2011 I quit my job and left China in one fellow swoop. Ross, my fiancé, joined me after being in Beijing for 12 years. Boom! Pretty big life explosions.  This seems to be life’s frustrating and overwhelming pattern…can you relate to this phenomena?

The good news is that these hectic times don’t have to be difficult. They can be appreciated.

Lessons. Life learning. Growth. We are never given more then we can handle and the lesson is about learning to LOVE every moment. The other morning I read a beautiful meditation from the book “Everyday OSHO” that I would like to share…


Seasons change. Sometimes it is winter, sometimes it is summer. If you are always in the same climate, you will feel stuck.

 One has to learn to like that which is happening. That is what I call maturity. One has to like that which is already there. Immaturity is living in “oughts” and “shoulds” and never living in the “is”- and “is” is the case. “Should” is just a dream.

Whatsoever is the case is good. Love it. Like it. Relax into it. When sometimes intensity comes, love it. When it goes, say goodbye. Things change… life is in flux.  Nothing remains the same, so sometimes there are great spaces and sometimes nowhere to move. But both are good. Both are gifts from existence. One should be so grateful that whatever happens one is grateful, thankful. Just enjoy it. This is what is happening right now. Tomorrow it may change; then enjoy that. The day after tomorrow something else may happen. Enjoy that.  Don’t compare the past with futile future fantasies. Live in the moment. Sometimes it is hot, sometimes is it very cold, but both are needed; otherwise life will disappear. It exists in polarities.

Isn’t it so true? As I continue to grow deeper into life it so amazing to see how things just change. I see it in the lives of my friends as they transition through beautiful and as comes with life often painful experiences. I see it in the lives of my students and teachers around the world… the changing of seasons is so consistent and real. I love the message  in this meditation by Osho. Enjoy it all. When things are calm and when things are in calamity. Enjoy it. Be in the moment. A simple enough message and one I hear often enough. It is a truth I intend to practice more vehomantly  as I head into the next  unknown season in my own life… Wedding planning, job applying, and world exploration grand finale, here we come… 😉

How do you experience changing seasons? Do you seem to find that everything happens at once?


Author: taozirae

Theresa, known as Taozi 桃子(Peach)to her Chinese students, has been teaching yoga since 2008. She has studied many types of yoga with world renowned teachers from all over the planet. China, the United States, Australia, and India. With over 1000 hours of YTT experience she is thrilled to have the opportunity to share the sweetness of her eclectic practice with others. Her life philosophy is that “The seeds we water are the seeds that grow “…wherever we decide to put our energy, our thoughts, and our actions are the areas of our lives that will grow. Life is about learning to water the right seeds!

9 thoughts on “Changing Seasons.

  1. I’m with u sister… while things always feel like they’re subtly changing, there certainly seems to be a wave of change hitting at the moment which is so incredible to be riding. We’re heading out of Summer here and as the year hangs ahead it feels like it’ll be full of big stuff!! X

  2. breathe deeply, relax into it.

  3. I needed this… Thanks T 🙂

  4. My pleasure… I’m glad it helped you and YOUR changing seasons…

  5. I feel the changes 🙂 I’m in the midst of finding that “real job” as we’ll, debating a move from my lovely paradise of Hawaii, and trying to find patience as I heal my ankle. Hobbling around has not been fun but it has definitely slowed me down and given me time to live in the NOW and appreciate each moment it brings.

  6. It is true. “Live in the moment. “

  7. Thanks for this, and for stopping by stillvoicing!

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