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Plastic Surgery, BOTOX, and yoga?

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NOT ME! But it could be one day. Today I’d like to discuss plastic surgery, face-lifts and BOTOX, which for the purpose of convenience we will call x,y and z. How do I find that this relates to yoga? Read more to find out.


Being comfortable, happy, joyous and free should be life’s objectives along with living your dharma and being of maximum service to your fellow man. If a person believes they will be more happy and more of service to others by getting x,y,z done to their physical form then by all means, go ahead. IF a person however feels that they need to get x,y,z done in order to be happy period, then they are in for a rude awakening. Once x,y,z is complete… they will want more and be on the never ending quest to find happiness from the external world. It is true that beauty and happiness can only be found  on the inside, regardless of what society seems to scream.

While teaching in Beijing 2008-2011 I worked at a school that was 70 percent Korean. Many, many of my students (high school students) would leave for holiday and get “basic” plastic surgery done on their face. Either a nose job or the famous double eyelid, or both. People always ask, what is the double eyelid? It is the line that most people from “the west” have above the eye… Here is a before and after picture of what it may look like.


Its hard to see the difference right? But MANY South Koreans are CRAZY about it and at such YOUNG AGES! In many cases parents are even encouraging their kids to get it done…  Please see the link below…

South Korean Parents are Making Their Kids Get Plastic Surgery

It blew my mind and after my horror and shock subsided I began to feel something surprising… compassion and understanding. They are all desperate to be socially accepted in a culture that is obsessed with external beauty.

korean girls

And Korea is not the only place…Last week Ross and I returned from a road trip to California where we met up with at least a dozen old friends and made many new friends. At one point I was chatting with a GORGEOUS young lady and 29 years old… She had just returned from getting BOTOX. She openly shared this with me and my jaw dropped. Why was she doing this?  What are the reasons that getting x,y and z done at such a young age acceptable? Can someone explain this to me?  

I realized that there is some serious FEAR of getting older, and OBSESSION with staying young that is enveloping the PLANET. OBVIOUSLY, this IS NOT NEW! But for me, who has been culturally jaded simply by being abroad, I hadn’t fully appreciated the depth of this within my own country. Why don’t people just stop crinkling their faces? Practice RELAXING their facial muscles like they teach in yoga class.

I thought to myself that maybe YOGA would be a much cheaper and healthier alternative to injecting yourself with a horse tranquilizer.

I regress… I mentioned at the beginning of the post that I understand x,y and z. I get it. Is it possible that there is a RIGHT time and a WRONG time to engage? Here is what I propose…


  • You have no time to take care of yourself and getting x,y,z done is the easy fix…
  • You are are desperate to feel attractive and younger…
  • You are miserable and feel that x,y,z will make you happy or make you feel better about yourself…
  • You want to win somebody special back by getting a new look…
  • You want to attract more attention…
  • You see a coupon on Groupon and think “hey its on sale!”


  • You are ALREADY happy with who you are as a person and want something physically about you to change.

Does that make sense? I realize that this is a super controversial issue and that generally people are either AGAINST it or FOR it. Is it possible there is a right time and a wrong time? 

To restate my personal position it seems clear to me that if a person is not happy with themselves internally and seeks to get x,y,z done to change all that (which I SADLY believe is MOST often the case) then it will do them little good. If they say things like “I got a face lift and now I am happy…” it is a FALSE sense of happiness. IF however a person is already happy with who they are internally and want something about their physical appearance to change, then I think its alright. I am aware that our physical bodies are simply the physical bodies and they only last but a short time. If you really understand this  then you really understand this. What people want to do to their temporary bodies is their own business. I would be very curious and open to hearing peoples various opinions on the issue. Thank you for reading… Namaste! 


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Author: taozirae

Theresa, known as Taozi 桃子(Peach)to her Chinese students, has been teaching yoga since 2008. She has studied many types of yoga with world renowned teachers from all over the planet. China, the United States, Australia, and India. With over 1000 hours of YTT experience she is thrilled to have the opportunity to share the sweetness of her eclectic practice with others. Her life philosophy is that “The seeds we water are the seeds that grow “…wherever we decide to put our energy, our thoughts, and our actions are the areas of our lives that will grow. Life is about learning to water the right seeds!

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  1. Really nice post shared by you about plastic surgery and botox. The shared pictures are very helpful to understand the post and its information.

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