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A Series on Affordable Natural Beauty Tips: #2 Avocado Oil

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The super powerful, all natural anti-aging and nourishing moisturizer…


On Monday I shared with you the Lime and Sugar secret to exfoliation and cleaning the skin, today… it’s all about moisturizer. Don’t freak out when I tell you this, I’ve been applying avocado oil directly to my skin. It’s not guacamole or anything, it’s nice, smooth oil. It feels marvelous.

I have heard many times about how wonderful the following oils are as moisturizers;

olive, avocado, almond, sesame, and coconut… what others am I forgetting?

So, I thought it was about time to put avocado oil  to the test, as we are in Mexico and avocados grow on trees, while looking into and discovering the benefits of its application.

That being said, it is really humid here, so it isn’t necessary to moisturize the skin everyday as I take on a glow the second I wake up. In Colorado? The winter can get incredibly dry, at which point I will definitely use this new moisturizing method on a daily basis. It’s a really simple two-step process:

1) Open the bottle of avocado oil and 2) apply to the skin

Yup!  I have been literally massaging straight avocado oil into my skin. The results? Really nice, soft skin that smells a bit like avocados… Not so bad eh?


Avocado oil penetrates the skin real easily. It is able to reach the deeper epidermis layers and brings with it, all of its super powers.

-Avocado oil has low UV protection. It’s a natural sunscreen! 😉

-Recent studies have shown that the ingredients found in avocado oil can actually help to rebuild collagen in the skin, this means that basically it acts as an anti-aging serum… it plumps up fine lines and hydrates the skin to such an extent it renews itself!

-It’s rich in revitalizing vitamins B, C, D, E, K and, especially, A ( a popular retinol alternative, helping cells to rebuild), as well as potassium, lecithin, and chlorophyll.

-Sterolin. Sterolins are compounds which are anti-inflammatory and they help out the immune system. In the case of avocado oil, they can relieve sun damage and age spots…they can even help diminish some skin conditions like eczema.

Tell me that doesn’t sound delicious. So if you are up for it, try throwing out the store bought lotions for a week and stick with a natural oil (avocado if like) and see what happens! It may or may not be for you but if it works for you, how wonderful to be using a product directly from God’s green earth to nourish your body. No chemicals, no artificial additives, nada nada enchilada.

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Author: taozirae

Theresa, known as Taozi 桃子(Peach)to her Chinese students, has been teaching yoga since 2008. She has studied many types of yoga with world renowned teachers from all over the planet. China, the United States, Australia, and India. With over 1000 hours of YTT experience she is thrilled to have the opportunity to share the sweetness of her eclectic practice with others. Her life philosophy is that “The seeds we water are the seeds that grow “…wherever we decide to put our energy, our thoughts, and our actions are the areas of our lives that will grow. Life is about learning to water the right seeds!

One thought on “A Series on Affordable Natural Beauty Tips: #2 Avocado Oil

  1. I’m goi to have to give this a try! Thanks 🙂

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