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A Series of Natural Beauty Tips: #4 Salt Water, Almond and Lavender Hair Spray

If you, like me, have naturally wavy or curly hair…this is a truly magical product that you can make in your own kitchen. For me, my hair never looks better then after a hop in the ocean. The salt water seems to have some sort of magic that grips my curls, with a light crunch, while making the hair soft and shiny… ocean love

Magic I tell you. As fall creeps in, it may become less likely for a jump in the sea, or if you are in a land-locked state like sayyyy, Colorado, it’s very unlikely until the next holiday.

Do not fret. By spraying some of this magic salt water, almond oil, lavender hair spray in… we can maintain that fresh from the beach look …all year round.

I recently discovered this trick while talking to another girl friend who has the most beautiful natural curls ever. She told me she had bought a salt water hair spray from the store…. so naturally, I looked into buying a bottle myself. I was shocked at the prices… $20 dollars for a bottle of… salt water? Isn’t salt water free (70% of the planet is covered in ocean)? I realize that for the last few decades people have been making bank from simply bottling regular water, it was only a matter of time before salt water hit the shelves.

$20 dollars though? Hmmmm…. I knew immediately I could handle this on my own. After some research and experimentation I came up with my own recipe that I love, and would like to share with you!


-1-2 tablespoons of Sea Salt (Himilayan Rock Salt will work also)

It has been said that using salt on the hair, can potentially dry it out, which has some validity, and that is why this spray has almond oil in it (see below).

However, the simple fact is that it adds body to the hair while holding the  curls with the slightest “crunch”. The magic alkaline properties of the salt seem to get into the hair and tell it to look fabulous (not scientifically tested). This has been my experience at least.

By using salt from the sea, you also have the added benefit of a connection to nature while in the office or where ever you may be. I love the feeling of carrying the ocean with me. And by using Himalayan rock salt, the beautiful pink salts from west asia… you see where I am going with this… spiritual connection time in your curls…



-1 tablespoon of Almond Oil

Almond oil continues to grow in popularity as it is an incredible moisturizing product, all on its own. What makes almond oil win over other oils in the case of a salt water hair spray is that it has the ability to bind easily with the follicles of the hair. Thus it easily gets inside of the hair cuticles and deeply moisturizes it. This adds a very nice, natural shine.


-5-10 drops of Lavender essential oil

First of all, lavender oil has a stimulating effect in the skin, thus when the lovely oil hits the scalp, it spurs hair growth. It is also a powerful antiseptic which can help treat dry scalp, or any other possible bacterial issues. Mostly though, it’s moisturizing for the hair and the scalp making it another counter product to the dryness the salt may create. Greator still…it smells…amazing. I realize that “smells amazing” is a personal opinion and that some people hate lavender, in which case using mint instead would have many of the same benefits.


Spray bottle:

A spray bottle is needed to get all the other ingredients spread nicely and evenly through the hair. I recommend a bigger more powerful bottle as I have used tiny bottles (which are cute and fit nicely into my purse for a great “on-the-go” curl pick me up) however, a bigger bottle with some oomph would work best.


Obviously, as the spray has two different types of oil in it, it needs to be shaken up before sprayed on the hair in order to get the oils to dissipate from the top of the water. This process is easy enough, just shake the bottle! Spraying the hair when out of the shower after the hair has slightly started to dry works best for me. I flip my head over, spray, scrunch, and tad-daa!… amazing.  Using the spray on dry hair works fine too! It helps bring the curls back together, feels refreshing and smells great. Enjoy!

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A Series on Affordable Natural Beauty Tips: #3 Pumpkin Honey Body Mask

As Halloween rapidly approaches and people across the country start carving away at pumpkins, we can put the squash to good use by making a delicious and totally revitalizing body mask.


Pumpkins are so full of nutrients it is hard to know where to begin! First of all, pumpkins are loaded with strong anti-oxidents which you can see with its beautiful orange color…beta-carotene and vitamins A and C. It also contains alpha-hydroxy acids which help eliminate dead /damaged cells, this gradually removes any sun spots caused by the sun or any other skin scarring. Additionally, as it boasts a number of anti-inflammatory benefits and along with a hint of UV protection (like the avocado)  – simply throwing away the otherwise discarded pumpkin is a huge no-no!

What to do:

Once you have scooped out the goo and cleaned the pumpkin, cut or scoop out some of its “body” from the inside. If you can get 2-3 cups, excellent, you want enough for a full body mask. If you want to make 2 batches, double the recipe and put some into the fridge to save for later or give to a friend!

Take your collected pumpkin and put it in the oven with a dab  of olive oil for 45 minutes, or until soft. We want it to be nice and mushy for the skin… let it cool and puree it.


-2-3 cups of pumpkin puree

-3 tablespoons of honey

-1 tablespoon of cinnamon

-2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Take the puree and mix it together with the 3 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Each one of these ingredients has a slue of additional benefits for the skin that will literally make your skin glow, just like the jack-o-lantern on the porch.

Cinnamon: This yummy spice is antioxidant rich, anti-bacterial and it adds a delicious smell that simply makes this mask scrumptious!


Coconut Oil: This is a magical ingredient that I put in everything. Besides having the most divine smell ever, it is packed with moisturizers of many varieties that absorb really nicely into the deeper layers of the skin… it can also exfoliate deal skin cells away while acting as an anti-bacterial. Coconut oil is incredible stuff.


Honey: This thick and  natural beauty ingredient is anti-bachterial which helps to remedy acne as well as other minor skin maladies. Additionally, I find it has a unique ability to leave the skin feeling so incredibly soft and smooth, it has become a staple in many of my home beauty treatment recipes… including this one!



After you have cleaned your whole body, exfoliated and patted the skin dry, apply the mask generously to the skin. Massage it into the skin as you apply. Once you are covered, let it sit for 10-15 minuets. This is a great time to let a moisturizing hair mask sink in as well. As the mask is sitting, do a small meditative visualization. Imagine all of the natural nutrients entering the skin and making it healthy and radiant. This visualization is important! Smile gently to yourself and feel gratitude for taking such sweet care of yourself.  Then simply rinse off and dry! The skin will really feel remarkable. 🙂

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