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My Wedding Wish: Wings

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Finally! An opportunity to use the photos Gyang took of me in angel wings, taken at Snow Mountain Retreat center in Li Jiang, China in 2012. Angel wings! haha… 

When things get crazy… as they do for everyone this time of year, Ross and I are no exception (our wedding is January 4th) it’s time to stop, to reflect and make some personal “wishes”. I am currently enjoying the word “wish” because a “wish” implies magic, help from another source, and I so need some. My wish is for some wings.

To be clear, my spiritual practice is needing a pick me up. Some spiritual wings. No other words to express.

There are so many things up in the air right now. Life is full and beautiful and there is an illusion that I am somehow in control of it all. There is this illusion that I need to make things happen… to some extent, yes, there are certain things that need to get done, yet I should never think I have to do them alone.

I’m home in Denver making final arrangements, spending time with my family before we all head to Mexico tomorrow. The most common questions I receive are “How are you? How are the wedding plans going? Where will you guys live after the wedding?” …among other variations of the same.

Things going on in life:

-12 days till the wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is going to be fabulous and fun. 🙂

-75 guests will be coming from all over the planet. Literally… all over the planet.

-Ross and I have absolutely no idea where we will living after the wedding. Possibilities include, oh yeah, every where is possible.

-The job hunt continues, even now, with small exciting things happening on different sides of the globe.

-We are still living out of suitcases. Even here at my parent’s house. All of our wedding stuff is resting in piles on the floor.

It’s a lot at one time and the external circumstances of life are just… chaotic. Up in the air. I feel as if it is all flying up above me and I am down here trying to hold on… see! I told you I need some spiritual wings! So this is my wish. Who to turn to for some wings? The angels of course!

It just so happens that my dear friend Sarah, in Beijing, picked some angel cards for me yesterday. Angel cards are literally a deck of cards with messages from your guardian angels. I love things like this and think there is some real magic in them. Sarah asked me to ask the angels some questions, and I came up with some words instead…

Direction-Next Steps-How to take them-General theme:

The cards that got pulled blew me away.

Direction: Playfulness

Ummmm hello! Getting married in a couple of weeks, with many of our incredible friends and family joining us for a week of celebrations!? It’s time to ENJOY! And PLAY!  Ahhhh…. Such a simple reminder. My favorite cue in my yoga classes is to smile softly. I’m saying it constantly to my students and thus, it’s time to put my message where my mouth is, literally! Now is the time to practice playfulness on a daily basis and to stop taking things seriously. It’s time. Now. I’m smiling now… 🙂

Next Steps: Body care

Again. WHAM! This got me right between the eyes. I have been…So. Busy. So so sooooo busy busy bee. So if you are a friend of mine in Denver or Puerto Vallarta and are wondering why you haven’t seen me, don’t worry, I haven’t even seen myself.  The time for my personal practice has dwindled. Having this card pulled was a huge reminder that the most important thing right now for staying sane and enjoying the moment is first taking care of myself! Nothing has changed right? Everyday in my “normal” life I eat right and get on my mat, so now is certainly not the time to do things any differently. Duh.

How to take them (the next steps): Answered prayer

My prayer of late has been that I am able to show up for others. A couple of weeks ago I met up with a spiritual guru of mine and explained the chaos. She told me to walk through it all with a spirit of service. I cannot tell you the relief that I felt after hearing this. Amazing. It is not all about me, even though it feels like it because tradition states that a wedding is all about the bride and… I’m the bride. Perhaps this tradition is too dangerous for me. It is so necessary to get out of myself and be of service to others. Perhaps this means asking for help from others and then being kind to them, with no expectations. I can be of service by leading by example and not becoming bride-zilla. It is simple really: take care of my-self, be kind and be of service to others.

General theme: Spiritual growth

Giant, sigh, of, relief!

This is the bottom line. Things that are difficult push us to be stronger. This is one of my favorite life sayings. It’s like if you go to the gym and are constantly picking up the same weights, the muscles are never going to get bigger. Just like life, if we want to grow spiritually, we have to face things that are difficult. Challenging times are just God’s way of pouring fertilizer on our life. Don’t get me wrong, I realize this is an amazing beautiful time, just exceptionally chaotic. Definitely a time to grow.

So my “wish” to the angels is to be… me. The soft, light-hearted, me.

My “wish” is to not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season and the wedding and to stay present in this breath, and this one… and this one.

I can use all the lessons of my spiritual practice to be of service to others and to enjoy the moments.  Then I can fly smoothly side by side with these amazing blessings. The angels have the answers/my magic wings, they are carrying me!pensive angel

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Home is where my feet are, on my mat…

Home is where my feet are…. on my mat

Here it is my very first blog entry. It seems I’ve collected my little plot of cyber space where I can efficiently garden in the world around me, plant my seeds of creativity and ideally, watch the crops of my life grow.  Today we are here on Hayling Island in England. In the last year we have been on a whirlwind tour of the planet. We have no “home”. Unless you consider my basement corner in Denver, Colorado my home, though I haven’t lived there since 2007 when surprisingly China and Beijing became my “home”. I suppose today home is where my feet are, on my yoga mat.  The past year I have been to and practiced yoga in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, the United States, Mexico, back to China for a 6 week bike trip around the country, to Thailand, and here to the beginnings of our Europe trip. We will see the United Kingdom and the 2012 Olympics, then to Italy… then who knows where? We still don’t know. The remainder of the year is still all up in the air in every way. We have big dreams but so far no certainty. My “plan” is to use this blog space to narrate the adventure highlights we’ve had thus far… now that we are officially beyond the great China firewall. My intention is to write reviews of all the yoga classes I attend abroad, my reviews of yoga teacher trainings I’ve attended… I’ll write about the places we have visited, will visit and important yogic lessons I’ve learned. In retrospect, as we’ve exploded around the planet one thing I’ve learned is that, I am where ever I go, thus home is where I am… Yoga has consistently been my anchor, my time on the mat an essential part of  allowing myself time to get centered, get heathy, and to set my positive intentions… this is my home. Thus today, “home” is quite literally where my feet are… on the yoga mat.