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The seeds we water are the seeds that grow.

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Home is where my feet are, on my mat…

Home is where my feet are…. on my mat

Here it is my very first blog entry. It seems I’ve collected my little plot of cyber space where I can efficiently garden in the world around me, plant my seeds of creativity and ideally, watch the crops of my life grow.  Today we are here on Hayling Island in England. In the last year we have been on a whirlwind tour of the planet. We have no “home”. Unless you consider my basement corner in Denver, Colorado my home, though I haven’t lived there since 2007 when surprisingly China and Beijing became my “home”. I suppose today home is where my feet are, on my yoga mat.  The past year I have been to and practiced yoga in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, the United States, Mexico, back to China for a 6 week bike trip around the country, to Thailand, and here to the beginnings of our Europe trip. We will see the United Kingdom and the 2012 Olympics, then to Italy… then who knows where? We still don’t know. The remainder of the year is still all up in the air in every way. We have big dreams but so far no certainty. My “plan” is to use this blog space to narrate the adventure highlights we’ve had thus far… now that we are officially beyond the great China firewall. My intention is to write reviews of all the yoga classes I attend abroad, my reviews of yoga teacher trainings I’ve attended… I’ll write about the places we have visited, will visit and important yogic lessons I’ve learned. In retrospect, as we’ve exploded around the planet one thing I’ve learned is that, I am where ever I go, thus home is where I am… Yoga has consistently been my anchor, my time on the mat an essential part of  allowing myself time to get centered, get heathy, and to set my positive intentions… this is my home. Thus today, “home” is quite literally where my feet are… on the yoga mat.