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California. Adios mi amore…


8 Days in California. They have been INCREDIBLE. The beach, the people, the food, the yoga… LOVED IT ALL. My favorite eatery was Tender Greens… right in the heart of Santa Monica. The food was seriously… out of this world. The service, the vibe… everything about it screamed… California. The simple messages posted on the wall as you wait in line are inspirational. I liked this one among others. This is what I will carry with us as we begin the road trip back to Colorado today. ENJOY DOING NOTHING! O.K… I will.

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… unless you write about it.


So what happens when you take one Volkswagen, a full tank of gas, and 2 yogis staying in Denver? A road trip to Vegas is what happens. 

Sex. Drugs. Rock and Roll…  Sin. Any one who knows us knows that Vegas+Theresa+Ross…don’t really mix… but we gave it a shot! And we had FUN! 😉It wasn’t something we expected or had planned. But it happened. Oh it happened. We learned so much about ourselves that it had to be shared.

Last week we “won” big money from British Airways for volunteering our seats up two days running. I suppose we didn’t feel it was real money and that it had to be spent in the one and only Sin City. So into the car we went, and headed West.


Gorgeous drive. Stunning really. After all the places we have been it felt so nice to take a look at my home state of Colorado and think, Damn Colorado. You are fine. Seriously though. Colorado is gorgeous.


To be behind the wheel of a car for so many hours, considering I haven’t driven hardly at all for 6-7 years was a bit of a shock. I felt VERY  tense at the wheel (my hands were gripping pretty tight) but with UK’s cheesy top 40 playing, I began to relax and enjoy the journey. Meanwhile, Ross had downloaded a Black Jack application on the iPad, so we were studying big time to ensure a successful stint at the gambling tables.photo-19


We made it six hours before we were tired (weaklings) so we stopped in Green River Utah for the night. The next morning the sun was shining brightly and we enjoyed some of Utah’s incredible rock formations by playing around on the cliffs. photo-17

We made it to Vegas eventually and, after a polite inquiry, were upgraded to a Grand Suite because we were “recently engaged”…. by “recently” they didn’t need to know it was actually last November. We had only been in Vegas 5 minutes before we told a little FIB! What was happening to US!? We were succumbing quickly to the influence of Sin City. 😉  However with the free upgrade we were already WINNING! 


I put on my magic pants and we headed out for an incredible healthy SUSHI dinner, followed by the ‘greatest illusionist’ on the planet… David Copperfield.



David was interesting. I was impressed multiple times and found his illusions to be… awe inspiring. However, I am good at reading people and I felt he just didn’t have very much… heart. It was empty. He didn’t really mean all the sappy things he said about “Following your dreams…” and what not. So it had a hint of “Burt Wonderstone” (the recent Steve Carell movie about a ‘washed up Vegas magician’) to it. 

The show ended and we headed out on the town! It was raining but we grinned and bore it well. It was refreshing and hilarious to see all the girls in SUPER HEELS running around in the rain. My big question is WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIGH HEELS?! OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE SO HIGH! I had on my “Clarks”, some comfortable heels I bought in the UK. I was astonished at what is happening in the world of fashion… heels

It was a wonderful night and Ross and I had our fun sitting at the Black Jack tables. We didn’t “win” anything.

And here was where our “ZEN” came in. Ross and I initially experienced the same thing while sitting there with our cute little five dollar bets: the heart starting to pound and our palms getting sweaty.

However, we soon realized that it is just a game, it’s five dollars, it’s supposed to be fun, and there is a whole world outside of the creepy casinos. So, we sat there (Ross cross legged) and took deep breaths… We both remembered to smile, to let go of the outcome of the game, and to enjoy the moment. We seriously enjoyed ourselves so much. The difference made in the game with the simple reminder to stay in the moment and enjoy was immense.

We had our fun and took off for another stroll with a full moon over Vegas… photo-6 Come 2 o’clock in the morning we were spent. We went to bed, woke up early, went on a walk around the town, and enjoyed a few hours by the pool. We played around on the tram and just enjoyed Las Vegas with a light heart…We behaved ourselves well (considering it was Vegas)… We ate well, we slept well, we were active, we stayed hydrated and only sinned a little bit (gambling and we shared a couple of cigarettes!)  No big deal… So what did we learn in Vegas!? 

Vegas is just like anywhere else on the planet. As long as you stay light hearted and open to all possibilities, let go of the outcome and enjoy the moment. Life is Good. photo-8photo-9



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