Taozi Tree Yoga

The seeds we water are the seeds that grow.

Events and Group/Private Yoga Classes

Theresa, (Taozi 桃子) is currently teaching in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Teaching for Engage Mexico 2013~

engage Mexico

Current class schedule for October-November

Mondays and Fridays:

9-10 AM Yoga Flow @ Yoga Vallarta

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

7-8 PM: Yoga Flow

El Dorado on the beach… BY DONATION


10:15-11:45 AM Intro to Ashtanga @ Yoga Vallarta

100 pesos drop in (see Yoga Vallarta for more information about the studio)


1 1/2 hour per class, at your own location in Centro. If there is a big commute for me I’ll add on a little more. 😉 

1 class-$350 pesos $27 USD

5 classes-$1,600 pesos $124 USD


6 thoughts on “Events and Group/Private Yoga Classes

  1. Hi Theresa! Just found your blog, as I’m planning to do my first YTT with Santosha in Bali… I’m planning to quit my job to travel around for the next 12months or more and only practice yoga and see where this journey takes me:) also looking for directions in China because I studied chinese many years ago and would love to spend time there to get back to a good level in order to maybe give classes in Chinese. Do u think it’s possible for a westerner? One Love, Catalina

    • Hi Catalina!
      Wowwww…. so exciting! Santosha is AMAZING and traveling around practicing yoga and studying is the way to go. Where all are you planning on going? Teaching in China is a great idea. 😉 Teaching in Chinese is another story! I taught my first classes there in a mixture of English and CHinese and this works well. Most of your students you will find speak a little bit of English and LOVE the opportunity to go to both a yoga class and a semi-English class! They get to engage with you and they will like this. Where will you go in China? Beijing has many yoga places opening up but imagine it would be really fun to teach in a place where it is just getting started… Chengdu, Xian, Chong Qing… so many places! Keep me posted on what you decide to do!

  2. Still have no idea where I will go in China yet but when I know will let you know Teresa, maybe you have tips:))
    So far I think I’ll do Thailand 2 months and massage and cooking classes:) then Indo, Bali and Sentosha 3 months, then India to extend practice yoga and ayurveda (or before Indo depending on seasons as well), and then will see China, or other plans popping up on the way…
    Would love to end up in Costa Rica though!!! I am spanish speaker..
    Congrats for your blog btw! Love it!

    • Yay! That sounds SO AMAZING!!! I have experience in all of those places if you can believe it (except for Costa Rica) and even Ayurveda classes in India! I would LOVE to give you any input you may need, please please keep me posted! Adios amiga…

  3. Also any recommendation about India is welcome, I have never been there and don’t know between rajasthan and kerala or mysore……….

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