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Hello Love, Hello Future…

new chapter

Tears. Stream down my face with Gratitude. Oh what a trip this has been. Seriously… The time of my life. Thanks to the things I have learned and done during these few months, I genuinely feel I have more love in me. It feels…good.

Sadly, this portion of the journey is ending. So, to Uganda, Tanzania, The United Kingdom, and Sweden…Goodbye.

 I wanted to give a proper goodbye to this pivotal time and take a moment to reflect on the highlights. Simply put… I fell in Love. Well, I fell into deeper love, and that is all that life is about… I believe.

I fell in love with my family, I fell in love with Irene, and Ross, and myself. My chest just feels swollen with happiness.

It is hard not being able to HOLD on to these things forever, they are simply times, places and experiences that are fleeting, but oh how beautiful have they been.


In Uganda… This girl… Irene… oh man…. tears. I fell in love with her brightness, her love, the miracle of her being. Gratitude. I  feel so blessed to have had these moments with her, though it pains deeply to not be close to her now, I smile at the fact that she is my little Irene… 😉


The wall. My sweat and blood went into this mosaic on the back wall of the church at Musana… 2 months of creative energy pouring into it, I discovered a deeper understanding of myself, my own capabilities and the beauty of my unwavering faith that things will turn out alright in the end. This wall… it helped me love more things about about myself, and that is beautiful.

IMG_2893 IMG_2888

Andrea my next youngest sister got married to the gorgeous Haril at Sippi Falls in Uganda. What an experience for our family. We were all together on the other side of the globe and it was spectacular. We laughed, and played, and honestly… the time of a life time.



Handstand… I’m not there yet, but the fact that this started happening is a big personal…yay!

handstand sweden

Friends unite. During this trip we met up with so many different friends, spending time with them and catching up. What a blessing it has been. 



And Ross.

This picture was taken of us in Scotland and I love it because, we are happy, playing, and it is gorgeous… we are enjoying the time together but separate, and loving the environment. During these last few months, I have really fallen more in love with him as we have learned to be together, while taking in the experiences as our own.

scotland 2

So… Wow. We are getting on the plane in a few hours and this chapter is officially closing.

 I am going to put all the memories and moments into my pocket and take them with me wherever we end up going, whatever we end up doing. They have helped me to grow more into the person I want to be. Full of love… Though what comes next is unknown to us…I am not scared. It is a blank page and it is wonderful. Hello Love, hello future…

look out



Ohhhhh Sweden, Scotland… The smile is inside.

sunshine sweden

I am exhausted. 2 weeks of traveling around northern Europe should be relaxing but there was just too much fresh air! Alas, I want to touch base with all of you, so this message will be short, simple, and experimental. I’m just going to write it… and post it. I’m too tired to faff around. So… ENJOY! 😉

Ross and I took a car and drove up the United Kingdom all the way to Ullapool, Scotland. It was magical. Despite all the time in the car and the heavy delicious food we enjoyed, we made time to play around with our asana and ENJOY the fresh air…

ross handstand

scotland 2

scotland cobra scotland

In Scotland we saw more then one exhibit showcasing the passing of time through rock formations. A whole book could be written about the incredible information we took in, but the bottom line is that the world is constantly changing by moving soooo slowly, the speed of your finger nail growing actually… Plate tectonics and all that. Just a reminder on the grand scale of how, life is change. Period. The world is change. Period. So enjoy it as it is now! 

And then…Ohhhhh myyyyyyy Sweden. We were super fortunate to have some dear German friends on Holiday at their Summer home in Sweden. They invited us along. We jumped a flight and wowza. My insides seemed to melt in its cuteness and its space and beauty. Here are some of the highlights…


This is actually starting to happen.

My goal was to get up by my 30th birthday in October, which is still the goal (I have a long way to go). I was the girl who could never to a cartwheel so the fact that these baby steps are occurring… is very exciting and fun. 

handstand sweden

The sea food was amazing.


The sunshine in Sweden… seriously made me smile on the inside.

sunshine sweden boat sweden

This was the view outside of our friend’s home… I set up a beautiful spot to meditate and enjoy the air. The birds were so happy! Singing about all morning. the rain came and went along with the sunshine so here the  lesson was on just moving with the flow.  I loved seeing the environment and the colors constantly shifting.

The craziest part about Sweden was that NIGHT TIME NEVER CAME! Only a very long dusk. This rocked my little yogini world! Ross and I have been pretty consistent in terms of bed time and waking time. We learned in India to follow the sun, we do our best, in Uganda the last few months we did well…as it was so easy… the sun went down at 7, and came up at 6:30, every day. In Sweden… it was tough! Midnight and it was still as light as day. We simply showed up and enjoyed the strangeness of it, and the opportunity to enjoy so much light!

meditation sweden

And on our the farm…

sweden farm

This was such an interesting and fun way to top off Ross and I’s never ending trip. I never would have thought we would end up in Scandinavia. Thank you so much to Karen and Joerg for allowing us to share their company and beautiful homes!  

Scotland and Sweden were the perfect places to, just be. It was hard not having our “healthy” routine for 14 days, but actually… its been a long time with out routine in general… so much so that this seems to be the new routine. 

I’ll re-state that… The new routine is not having a routine. Just moving with what the day brings and enjoying all it has to offer. I am so grateful for all the experiences we got to have up in the north. They really made me simply smile on the inside. Which is really all we need to do as the tectonic plates of the planet continue to move and I keep trying to kick up into handstand! 😉 Namaste

uk handstand

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